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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2010

Thankful collageWM

These are in order of the pictures from left to right, but not in order of importance to me! 😉

1. Cupcakes. I am thankful for cupcakes. I love them…actually I love almost all sugar and candy! So that makes me thankful for my high metabolism and for the makers of toothpaste too!

2. Seattle. I am thankful for where I live. I love my house, my neighbors, my kids school, basically everything about the Pacific Northwest. I just wish our summers were about 4 weeks longer! :)

3. Photography. I am thankful for my D700, for my talent, for the friends I have made on Clickinmoms, my projects, my business, my clients and all things photography related.

4. Emma & Lauren. I am thankful for such beautiful, healthy, talented, & charismatic children. I am also thankful I am still able to love them when they are naughty. 😉

5. Love. I am thankful for my loving husband who supports me in all I do. Also for all my wonderful friends and family.

6. Memories. I am thankful for wonderful memories of those that have passed. My grandparents and my dear dad who died way to early to Cancer.

7. Snow days. I am thankful to snow days in Seattle. Snow days mean no school, which means we get to sleep in and we love to sleep! We do not get them every year and it is also fun to spend time with the girls building snowman and drinking hot chocolate!

Product Reviews….

November 23, 2010

Laura from Pretty Presets has introduced a new set of presets for Lightroom. They set is called FALL IN LOVE and includes 13 presets. I am really liking this set because there is a nice range in tones. You get a few with the warmer tones like Add Sunlight, a few with the cooler tones like Blueberries and then there are some that add more blacks if you like that less vintage feel. I like that she uses the split toning panel. This is something that can give a really nice effect and is easy to adjust to your liking. To me it gives them a really soft hazey feel.

As with all presets…I feel like these have to be used on just the right kind of picture. I felt this set worked best on shots that were more “lifestyle” shots as opposed to “close-up” portrait shots. For me it is hard to get my skin looking creamy with the right tone when I use a preset. So I would use this set for more shots like my example. The set does come with a Eye Popper for close-up shots too.

Here are my examples. I just used each preset on my SOOC image. I did not do any adjustments after applying the preset, to give you and idea of what the shot would look like. Of course, you could make any adjustments you would like in the develop panel to suit your own liking!

Presets are very easy to use and Laura includes easy instructions in a PDF on how to install them to Lightroom. So if you like that hazey, dreamy look…this may be the set for you!

Pretty Presets 1

Pretty Presets 2

I also got to try out her vintage are some before and afters:

Pretty Presets Vintage Textures 5 & 16

Pretty Presets Vintage Textures 6

Pretty Presets Vintage Textures 17

Pretty Presets Vintage Textures 17

Pretty Presets Vintage Textures 18

Plus I samples some of her vintage Holiday Cards!! Fun Stuff! You can visit her website at

Vintage Cards EX_2

Vintage Cards EX

SNOW in SEATTLE!!!!! Yay!

November 22, 2010

Just some fun snowflake shots from this morning. I didn’t use a tripod, they would have looked sharper…maybe I will get brave and break that out later!













A photographers meet-up!

November 7, 2010

This past week I had the opportunity to meet up with a group of other photographers. We choose the Bellevue Botanical Gardens for our meeting spot. It was so fun meeting other people who share the same passion as photography that I do. Some of them brought their children, so they are the kids you see below. Even the lovely Alleah, who is only a month old got to get a picture. Her mom just laid her on a rock and we snapped away!! Afterward we enjoyed a nice lunch where we got the chance to chat and “talk shop”! Such a fun day!!
















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