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Oh man, I just could not pick a favorite so I put all of them.  Well, this is not all of them, I have a million more…it is so hard to trash a shot of a senior so beautiful!  Baylee was such a good sport during this photoshoot.  She is one of those girls that is naturally beautiful and not even aware of it.  She told me she is not used to posing and it did not come naturally…but I think after a few shots..she started to get the hang of it!!  Thanks Miss B..I had fun hanging out with you!!


September 19, 2012

Edgy is a great word for this shoot!  My friend, Christine called me the other day and asked if I wanted to meet-up to play and shoot.  She had envisioned dressing the girls up in wigs, make-up and some fun costumes.  You see Christine is a brilliant photographer/photoshopper with a creative mind that is always spinning.  She can think up things my little “vanilla” mind could never think of.  I do think I am a pretty good photographer…but I am a “safe” photographer. I know what poses work and I rarely step out of that box.  I edit fairly clean and  never with flair…but Christine..she adds drama, edginess and flair!!  That is what makes her so special!!

 Here are a few of my shots from the day.  Make-up, hair and styling all done by Christine at Trimood Photography!  Thank you for the fun day.  The girls had a blast!  If I get permission, I will add some of her shot to the post too!

 Now please girls do not wear make-up or sleeveless dresses on a regular basis.  This was a fun, dress-up shoot that we did…nothing more!  😉

The shot above was taken outside at around 7:00PM using off camera flash and the ones below were taken in the same area…same light, just using natural light!!  Crazy difference!!

..and some of Emma!!

An amazing skirt made out of real hydrangeas she picked from her backyard.I told you she was creative!!

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