My Personal Candy Project!!

February 8, 2012

 Last January, I thought it would be fun to photography different kinds of candy through the year….they have so many fun textures and colors! Endless possibilities in fun, right?!?! Kind of a wacky project, but I really enjoyed it! Here were a few of my favorites from over the year.  If you would like to see them all just visit this section on my website HERE!

This is such an overdue post.  I am a little behind on blogging and need to catch up with my posts! I always have the greatest intentions of getting caught up…but the blog always seem to suffer the most. I am working on updating it more regularly this year. :) So lets move on…to this little guy.  He was  about as cute as they come!  He had the blondest, most beautiful shade of hair I have ever seen and he was a gem to work with.  Well, why wouldn’t he be?  He is a photographer’s kid.  He knows from the start he better pose good for his momma or any other photographer who is around!  His mom is the wonderful Tara Staton.  She is a photographer friend of mine who I met a few years back.  I have been lucky enough to second shoot some of her weddings from the past two summers and I hope to do some more in the following years.  She is uber talented and has a great sense of humor!  Oh and did I mention she is fun…super fun to hang out with!!  She is so good at what she does and you can tell her clients love her.  When we walk into a wedding, she is all business with a whole lotta charm! I plan on posting some of those weddings you will get a glimpse of what I get to do when I am with her! So enough of her…now on to Riley.  We also have a few shots of him with his big brother Wyatt.  Wyatt is a great big brother and is very protective of his little brother!  I just know they are going to be the best of buds as they grow up!

The CM team headed to New Orleans this past week for Imaging USA 2012. It was so fun to meet up with the girls I have known and worked with for the past several years. When we first arrived, you get an empty booth and a crate full of materials. So we spent the first day setting up!! This is what are booth ended up looking like!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Then when we the show ended, we took it all down, re-packed it back into the crate and had it marked for shipping to Vegas. It will wait for us patiently to arrive in February to do it all over again for WPPI!!! Such a fun experience!!

I am heading out..on my way to meet the many CM girls that I have known online for the past 4 years in New Orleans!!  Here is a picture flying over the Colorado Rockies!

Just finished setting up the booth and having some lunch!!  From left to right: Me, Lisa, April, Courtney, Sara S, Leah, Sarah W, Sarah P….and then it should have been Kathryn, but she was on the phone.

Some quick candids while in the French Quarter!

Love these girls..they are so fun!!!  Sara Seeton, Sarah Phillips, Courtney Keim and Leah Cook!

 We had to get pictures in this mirror every you will be seeing more of these!!  LOL..this is Lisa and I..we were roomies!!  Love that girl!

April, Kathryn, Sarah, Lisa, Ashley, Sara, Sarah, Leah, Courtney

-Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro-

Photographers love to take pictures of people taking pictures!!  LOL.  That is Sarah Wilkerson behind that beast of a camera!

 Enjoying cocktails and dinner at Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro in the French Quarter.SEE!!!  I told you we liked taking our pictures in this mirror!!  We even had a guy with big feathers who wanted to jump in with us on another night!  This was our last night after tearing down the booth.  We were heading out for our last dinner at Commander’s Palace in the historic garden district.

 However, when we got there, they were no longer serving dinner.  I guess they stopped seating people at 8:00.  WHAT?  I thought we were in New Orleans.  So I took a few snaps of the inside and we headed out.  They suggested another restaurant named Coquette that was just down the road.  It worked out well because we were able to see some of the beautiful houses as we walked.  I guess this is the neighborhood Sandra Bullock lives in.Walking over to Coquette.

The restaurant was so beautiful inside.  We were all snapping away!!

 We were all enjoying our drinks and wonderful food when who do we spy two tables over?  We are thinking Will Ferrell.  Lisa is positive it is him.  So we decided to ask his friend as he was walking out of the bathroom.  However, to our surprise..we were so focused on Will F, we didn’t even realize that was Jason Sudeikis.  So we were equally excited when we were talking to him and he shook all of our hands!  Later as they headed out…Lisa was brave enough to ask Will if we could get a shot of them and he obliged!!

Here we all are as happy as can be posing with Will Ferrell.  Jason Sudeikis is not in the picture because he is using MY camera to take the shot!!  So cool!!  He was in the next shot.  Sarah took one for the team and used Lisa’s iPhone to take it!!  :)  What a great way to end such a  fabulous week!!!  I am so very grateful for getting the opportunity to work and hang out with such wonderful women!!


Some other highlights of the trip were having dinner with Erin Cobb and her friend Amy Shertzer at The Gumbo Shop. Erin made us try alligator sausage and it was actually pretty good! It was AWESOME meeting Jerry Ghionis and watching him speak, he even told me I had beautiful eyes….awwwwww. I also enjoyed our time hosting our CM party at The A Gallery, meeting Jaime Schultz, meeting Sandy Puc, chatting with Jason from Millers/MpixPro, meeting Joel from Adorama and spending time with everyone!  These are all the images I captured with my camera, but when I get a few more of Lisa’s shots I will post them!  :)

Here are all the iPhone shots!!  Most taken by Lisa and a few from Sarah W!

I am going to try a little harder to post some images of my won girls this year. usually i just put my clients on this blog…but I think this is the year to share some of my personal life too! We will see how that goes. i also do a family blog where I post random shots all the time, so maintaining two blog is sometimes too much!! :) So here they are…my little loves!

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